Lesson Expectations

1)  Please arrive on time, but not before your lesson, unless you are prepared to wait until your lesson time. 

2) Be fully warmed up for your lesson. The exercises done during a lesson are intended for developing your technique, not warming you up. 

3) Have your music prepared for your lessons. It is your responsibility to learn your music outside of the lesson. 

4) If your music is photocopied, it should be double-sided, three-hole punched and in a 3 ring binder. Staples or loose papers are not acceptable. 

5) You must have sheet music. Mere lyrics or karaoke accompaniments are not acceptable.

6) You must practice on a regular basis for your lessons. I will know if you are practicing. 

7) I suggest you record your lessons for reference. 

8) Bring all appropriate materials. 

9) Bring water. 

10) Please DO NOT eat a heavy meal. eat any kind of dairy, or nap directly before a lesson. 

11) Please DO NOT come to your lesson with a contagious illness. I will send you home!

12) Failure to comply with expectations will bring dismissal from the studio. 

13) 3 no shows  = dismissal

14) You are required to fully participate in your lesson, which may mean doing things that bring you out of your comfort zone, like making a strange sound, or uncommonly moving your body. Refusing to participate is unacceptable.