With over 20 years of vocal training from some of the most renowned and revered teachers in the world, Jacqueline brings a great deal of experience to her studio.  She believes in focusing on the fundamentals of vocal freedom by relaxing the vocal mechanism, connecting to the resistance muscles, and creating momentum of breath. Squeezing or pushing hinders that momentum, while connecting deeply moves the breath upward with freedom and purpose and across the vocal folds. That freedom greatly extends the range and improves the sound by creating overtones. The goal should be to create maximal sound with minimal effort. Jacqueline believes this must be applied to all styles of music, and has seen remarkable improvements in her students of all styles!  


She believes, in fact, that "style" and "technique" are often confused.  Styles are accomplished by changing color or tone, using different vibrato, using different inflections and phrasing.  She absolutely believes that style should not be compromised,  in that, whatever style is sung, it should not sound like another (translation: a singer singing a pop song should not sound like a classical singer and vice versa). A great singer/musician with a great technique should be able to sing any style presented to them.  The musicianship affords them the ability to recognize and interpret a style.  The technique affords them the ability to produce the appropriate outcome.  There are many styles, but there is only one technique. 


Jacqueline is adamant about singers learning music theory and sight-reading, believing it is important to become a dependable musician who is not only an instinctive singer, but also knows exactly what he/she is doing and why.  Considering the bad reputation singers have for not knowing anything beyond singing, Jacqueline is all the more motivated to assure her singers are more than ready for the challenge!  A technique is about the ability to make choices without resorting to habit. The moment habit appears, control of your voice disappears.