Live Lessons/Life Coaching                               

$35.00           30 Minute Session 

$130.00         Monthly Tuition (regularly scheduled lessons)

$60.00           60 Minute Session

$220.00         Monthly Tuition (regularly scheduled lessons)    

Skype Lessons/Life Coaching
(the singer must be advanced or a current student of Jacqueline's)                    

$35.00           30 Minute Session                    

$60.00           60 Minute Session      

Addition Services:

"The Clean Sweep, Food Edition"
Jacqueline will make a "clean sweep" through your kitchen, and give you detailed instructions on how to improve your food for health and well-being. She will teach you how to read labels. She will give you healthier alternatives. She will look in your fridge and cabinets and tell you how you may be sabotaging your weight loss and health goals.

"The Clean Sweep, Declutter and Organization Edition"
Jacqueline will make a "clean sweep" through your home, and will teach you how to declutter and organize, to create a peaceful environment that supports you and your new goals. 

"Stop and Shop"
Jacqueline will meet where you shop for groceries and teach you how to shop for health and wellness, and even on a budget!