Studio Venable Simmons is open to singers from beginner* to professional, in all styles. 

  • Teach you a fundamental, iron-clad technique that will carry you throughout your life as a singer
  • Teach you to sing any song with a great technique that will protect your voice, yet will not sacrifice style
  • Teach you to connect with your audience
  • Help you learn how to deal with nerves and build your confidence
  • Prepare you for competitions, contests and auditions
  • Teach you music theory
  • Teach you sight-reading
  • Expose you to a vast variety of music
  • Work with you on your acting and improvisation
  • Expand your range and breath control
  • Advise you on your career path
  • Help you understand and work through your break(s)/passaggio
  • Help you understand and work through chest voice/head voice/falsetto 
  • Recognize/diagnose and help you break habits and fix vocal problems
  • Teach you helpful warm-up techniques
  • Teach diction in Italian, German, French, Spanish, Latin and Czech


*If the beginner is younger than 8, the lesson will focus more on the joy of music, while slipping in a few important things here and there.  You might call it a music lesson, instead, for those little guys.  The focus is on getting them comfortable expressing themselves through their bodies and voices.  We might play rhythm games, learn notes on the piano, learn interesting things about the history of music, and sing songs with kid-friendly words and themes.  Two guarantees: They will have a blast, and they will learn!

For further questions, please use the contact sheet provided.  Jacqueline is ever-willing to provide you with as much information as she can!  Thanks!